What is Calibrize?

How to match a color sample to a screen color? How to match a screen color to a print? Calibrize adjusts the colors of your monitor in three simple steps. It gives your system a reliable color profile and maintains color fidelity throughout the system. Calibrize matches results to expectations.

without calibrizeWithout Calibrize

with calibrize

With Calibrize

• Works quickly, easily and reliably, even if you don't know the first thing
...about screen calibration
• Works for CRT monitors, (flat) LCD monitors and even beamers
• Reads out the color data (EDID) from your monitor
• Produces an ICC monitor profile
• Installs the profile into the appropriate system folder
• Loads a set of adjusted values into the lookup table (LUT) of your video card
• Gives background information about the process
• Cooperates seamlessly with other graphical software

System requirements:
Calibrize can run on any Windows XP or Vista computer.
There is no Mac version available.

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