• How come Calibrize is for free? What’s the catch?
There is no catch. Calibrize is sponsored through banners at the bottom of the application window.

• How accurate is Calibrize?
If you don’t do anything about color calibration, orange can easily turn magenta. Calibrize will at least bring your colors in the right ballpark and make your oranges look edible. But if you really need mission-critical accurate colors, you should prepare to spend at least a few hundred dollars on a high-end hardware calibration utility. But because it’s for free, you might as well first give Calibrize a try to see if it works for you.

• Why do I need to be online to use Calibrize?
Sorry, but that’s the only way we can serve ads. So we do require users to be online. If you really need to work offline, please mail us at 'calibrize at colorjinn.com'. If there are enough requests, we may consider a (paid for) offline version.

• How about my privacy? Will Calibrize intrude into my private information?
No. Not a chance. Here’s our privacy statement.

• What are the chances of Calibrize crashing my system?
If your system is healthy, there is very little chance that Calibrize will cause a crash. The technology has been tried and tested over time and has proven to be stable and reliable.

• I love Calibrize, what can I do in return?
Thank you. We’d be grateful if you spread the news about Calibrize.

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